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Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques

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Pose Method of Triathlon TechniquesThis how to book on triathlon techniques takes the guesswork out of your training and helps you to dramatically improve your performance.

Pose Method of Triathlon Techniques introduces a uniform approach to three different sports and shows how to seamlessly blend them into one – triathlon. 2 Olympic Games and 4 National Teams later, Dr. Romanov offers you his insight and experience of over 35 years of working with athletes of all levels.

Get clear, concise and pragmatic instruction on swimming, cycling and running techniques to improve your performance and to avoid injuries.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 356 pages
  • Publisher: Pose Tech Press; 1st edition (May 15, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1934013021
  • ISBN-13: 978-1934013021
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8.1 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Customer Reviews

the essential book for triathlon success

 September 10, 2008
By toxdoc
Simply, this is the best book regarding triathlon technique I have ever read. Not only does it provide the sound physiologic background behind the techniques, but the book gives you logical, progressive drills which, if followed diligently and thoughtfully, can improve your triathlon technique markedly.

One of the most striking features about this book is the sophisticated, yet utterly simple breakdown of the key elements of the movements in each discipline. For the first time, I actually UNDERSTAND what swimming is–forget hand paths, pull curves, etc. All of the disciplines essentially boil down to support and change of support and how effectively that is performed with the correct perceptions. AMAZING.

It has helped me immensely with reducing muscular effort, reducing overuse injury and improving racing times.

In sum I will NEVER use any other methods for triathlon training again. And the most amazing aspect is that you can ALWAYS improve and get better by continuing to drill, practice and understand your perceptions about movement.

Revelationary, Revolutionary and Reverent

 August 1, 2008
By Mark Hainsworth "cabletow"
Very few books actually change your life, and this is one that will. Pose method is a method that is as old as the human race, the method that explains how we move as we are governed by gravity. How do you actually move when you run, swim or cycle? He answer lies in your ability to interact with the world through its gravity.

Pose method can be applied to any movement. Of course this book deals with cycling, swimming and running. As a consequence the pose method will help you understand all three actions and will teach you how to maximise your skill at using gravity to improve your efficiency of these three movements. This will revolutionise your understanding, your training and improve your efficiency.

Read this book, and look forward to personal best after personal best, overcome and prevent injuries.

Understand this book, because it is beautifully written, clear and precise in description and illustrated appropriately.

Treasure this book because it is a reference guide to your training and drills.

I could not put it down. Every chapter has an eye opener for me about how I move and how I can move better.

The Bible of Triathlon by the Messiah of Movement

 May 21, 2008
By Wild Guru "Lee Saxby"
Prepare to be amazed. Dr Romanov is the ‘renaissance man’ of the sports science world, drawing information from historically specialised and distinct disciplines such as biomechanics, exercise physiology and performance psychology and blending them seamlessly into a coaching system that works. The author is one of those rare people who ‘walks his talk’.The sport science world is traditionally inhabited by two distinct species: the academics who publish research on complicated scientific phenomena involving rats and test tubes and the coaches on the front line, combining personality and motivational skills with ‘tried and tested’ techniques to get the best from their athletes. Dr Romanov is a true ‘hybrid’. A passionate academic when presenting his theories at the worlds top sports science universities, an objective scientist when his methods are being tested in the laboratory and inspirational coach when ‘hands on’ with his athletes in the field. This book captures the essence of his incredible knowledge and talent. You will be introduced to ground breaking concepts such as gravitational torque in running, ‘unweighting’ in cycling and the channeling of body weight in swimming. I defy anyone to dispute the wisdom of the techniques presented in this book which are scientifically sound and instantly tangible to the user, each chapter has at least one ‘eureka’ moment for both athletes and coaches alike.

As a professional coach and trainer of coaches I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I have learnt more about movement from studying the POSE method than I have from my combined undergraduate and postgraduate eduction in sport science

The Truth Makes Sense

 December 16, 2008
By Dr. N Akram "Running Engineer"
Perhaps not the easiest book to grasp but I believe this is human movement explained better than any sports science degree in the world today. Every human being should understand it’s concepts around body weight – with a little thought these concepts are re-applicable to ANY sport. In my opinion you do not need the `Pose Method of Running Book’ since this Triathlon book covers all concepts and much more. Paul Chek would learn a thing or two if he read and understood Pose Concepts, yet the outrageously incorrect methods prescribed by the NRPT, Chek and many others in the field continue to prosper at the expense of peoples health! Let’s not get started on the damage MBT shoes WILL cause you…..My point is there are billions of dollars being earned by surgeons, physiotherapists, marketing companies and shoe/orthotic manufacturers hell bent on selling you something that they do not even understand the consequences of, and when they do its criminal that they continue to operate with the claims they make. But it’s all tied into a very slow moving medical industry that allows for this loop-hole of medical science ignorance. Get out of the hole and ahead of the curve. This is not the next truth, it is THE TRUTH of Human Movement. Even most gym’s and `hard bodied’ people who are supposed to represent health in todays society are the exact opposite of representing human fitness. Feel the supple muscle of any athletic animal, e.g. are your cats legs muscularly hard? Dr. Akram, [...]

As a Pose Method coach, let me just say…

 September 29, 2009
By christopher drozd ""
I’ve been a personal fitness trainer since 1983. I coach marathoners & triathletes, as well as more pedestrian athletes who enjoy running. Nicholas’ first book has proved useful to me for years, now. Also, as a Pose Method coach, and now a long-time, close friend of Nicholas Romanov’s I’m privy to a deeper understanding of the Method and the concepts underpinning it than what might be gleaned from just scouring the text. Yet, my allegiance to this Method ends when that Method breaks down. But, from nearly a decade of first-hand experience with Pose running, training myself, and training others, and observing the often inefficient and injurious strides and styles of other coaches and their athletes, I remain, and am even more convinced with each passing year that Pose method running is THE correct way to run in this physical world in which we have evolved. Independent, hard, scientific studies are beginning to bear this out, as well. Of course, others have already begun to appropriate what Nicholas has pioneered. Problem is they lack his vision and broad understanding of the physical world and the human being moving within it, hence, the other authorities are selling you “square wheels.”

While this Method can be learned quickly, there is a learning curve, but the numerous drills and illustrations, along with the concepts and philosophy identified and developed throughout this new book elegantly simplify the complexities of movement, and establish a standard from which to judge correct or incorrect technique, specifically in running, cycling, and swimming. Incredibly, I heard a particular physical therapist in Southern California disparage Pose Method running because it requires some amount of learning, suggesting that he “mis-under-estimates” running as a mindful, technique sport. That nearly 9 out of 10 runners will be injured from their activity, despite training and treatment advances, and assorted, hi-tech, cushioning, and motion control devices and shoes might suggest otherwise. I tell my athletes that whatever time and effort it takes to understand and learn a valuable system of movement is worth what you will put into it — consider yoga, martial arts, motorcycle riding, what-have-you — and, they, sentient beings that they are, ultimately agree.

Nicholas’ book is an enjoyable read, one that will have you thinking about running, cycling, swimming in ways you may not have imagined. And, once you’re running, biking and / or swimming Pose you’ll look at your sport quite differently, and better still, you’ll perceive the world differently, too.

I have lots of books in my library. Few are written by visionaries. This one is.

Buy this book if you want to go faster with less injuries

 October 12, 2008
By Rasheed Saleuddin
Covering philosophy, physics, strength training, movement theory, the techniques of the three sports of triathlon, (etc) comprehensively in one book is always going to be a difficult task, so I would expect some people to be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge presented here. (Hence perhaps why one reviewer found this book cluttered.)

Further, Dr Romanov has the unenviable task of taking what is much easier to understand if seen live or on video (or even better if you have a Pose coach working with you) and explaining very complex concepts simply and accurately with words and small black and white pictures.

With this book, I think he has succeeded in creating a framework for understanding the theory of all three sports and providing a proven method for achieving performance breakthroughs: An in-depth reading and full understanding of even one of the many subjects covered would be worth the price of the book (and more) alone.

The run section is much more comprehensive than the other books (and distills the best of his earlier work and his lectures and clinics), while the new swim and bike theories should give even the most jaded triathlete new ways to think about training, technique and racing.

Finally, I urge everyone to do the beginner and advanced drills for all three sports in this book (after one month of trying them I am a faster runner and swimmer even without doing any traditional speed or distance training). These exercises offer “free speed”, but are often overlooked by most in their focus on mindless miles and endless fatigue.

I summarize the entire pose philosophy as “If you have proper technique (built through perception and strength/flexibility drills), you can go faster in all three triathlon sports on fewer miles and with no injuries”. That, I would guess, meets the needs of every triathlete, from fitness enthusiast, through Kona age-grouper, to Elite short- and long-course potential world champions.

Pose Triathlon

 July 29, 2009
By Hawkeye Norman "Paddling away"
This is a great book to challenge precepts about running, biking, and swimming. There is a lot of philosophy to read through in the beginning, but the author keeps it interesting with a lot of quotes, etc. Author makes the case for the Pose method, especially for running, to aid in form and keep you injury free. Some of the exercises are a little out there, but they are good for results. Transitioning to pose running is difficult, so pace yourself. You may have to mix it up or make Pose part of your running workout instead of the whole thing. It’s hard to transition “cold turkey.” However, the book is a good read, with a good pace, and plenty of inspiration. Enjoyable by the serious athelete and the amateur looking for better fitness.

A wonderful resource to be read again and again.

 October 6, 2008
By Oren T. Bergfald
Without a doubt, this book will gather no dust on anyones bookshelf! No matter what your level of triathlon experience, this book offers a wealth of information that can be directly applied to your next workout. In addition, preparation planning for short, mid-range, and long distance events are simple and to the point. To be read again and again. Enjoy and share!

The New Old School

 September 20, 2010
By ga1i1eo "ga1i1eo"
I used to race bikes in my teens and I regularly ran for several years before giving up due to injury. However I discovered the ‘Pose method’ and the ‘vibram five fingers’ shoe range while browsing sports injuries and I was intrigued. Brilliant training guide but a bit of a slog to read. The first 23 chapters describe phyisological and scientific arguments before getting into the actual physical training. But the book is structured like a university science course – you cannot take short cuts to get results. It takes some will power to read but it’s well worth it. I might suggest to the authors to a) use more bullet points, b) provide powerpoint slides, c) provide cheat-sheets in pdf format for easy reference, d) scrap the posetech videos online and re-record them in a studio without the wind blowing into the microphone! Other than that this is still a remarkable work of passion and labour. Bravo Professor!


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